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Plenary lectures:
Prof. Thorsten Bach (Technical University Munich, Germany)
Prof. Mark Lautens (University of Toronto, Canada)
Prof. Geraldine Masson (ICSN, France)
Prof. Chris Willis (University of Bristol, UK)
Prof. David Procter (University of Manchester, UK)
Dr. Katherine Wheelhouse (GSK, UK)
Prof. Daniele Leonori (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
Prof. AnnMarie O'Donoghue (Durham University, UK)
Prof. Ruth Gschwind (University of Regensburg, Germany)

Supporting lectures:
Dr. Alan Aitken (University of St. Andrews)
Prof. Edward Anderson (University of Oxford)
Dr Andrey Antonchick (Nottingham Trent University)
Dr Graeme Barker (Heriot-Watt University)
Dr. James Douglas (AstraZeneca)
Dr. Craig Johnston (University of St. Andrews)
Dr. Jonathan Knowles (Northumbria University)
Dr. Simon Lewis (University of Bath)
Dr. Maria Paz Munoz (Lancaster University)
Dr. Alex Pulis (University of Leicester)
Prof. Andrew Sutherland (University of Glasgow)
Dr. Bill Whittingham (Syngenta)
Prof. Jeremy Wulff (University of Victoria, Canada)
Dr. Wojciech Zawodny (Astex Pharmaceuticals)

Short talks:
Emily G. Babcock (University of Bath)
Anastasios Charitou (University of Manchester)
Aidan Cregan (University College Cork)
Andres R. Gomez-Angel (University of York)
Jodie Hann (University of Bath)
Harry Hicks (University of Oxford)
Dr Joe Higham (University of Greenwich)
Dr. Tengfei Kang (University of St. Andrews)
Dr Matthew Leech (University of Greenwich)
Caoihme Niland (UCD)
Oryn Purewal-Sidhu (University of Southampton)
Dr. Mandapati Bhargava Reddy (UCD)
Dean Roberts (Lancaster University)
Joe Russell (University of Bristol)
Thomas Sephton (University of Manchester)
Ben Shennan (University of Oxford)
Juulia Talvitie (University of Helsinki, Finland)
Laura Winfrey (University of Leicester)


Poster Session: 

There will be a poster session in the Wordsworth Hotel on Friday,
after the evening lecture session.

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